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Digital Edge to Edge Longarm Quilting Services

At Perpetual Stitcher, I specialize in edge-to-edge longarm quilting services meaning I use a pantograph to create a uniform pattern across your whole quilt.

My primary goal as a quilter is to help you get your quilts finished so that they can be used and treasured by you and others!  I have a passion for quilts and enjoy the process of stitching and especially finishing them so if you have a stack of unfinished quilt tops send them to me and I'll get them quilted for you!  My style of quilting tends to be more organic; I love the look of designs that seem to be custom stitched but have been done digitally.  I have a mix of designs available, both those that are more custom looking and those that are modern and geometric.  


If it's too hard to decide and you just aren't sure ​I am here to help!  We can work together to decide on a design for you.   For inspiration check out some examples of my work here.   You can also view some of my quilt finishes on Instagram 

For additional design options, search E2E pantographs online and I've also linked to a few favorites below!  My pantograph library loves to grow so If you find a pantograph that I don't own, I'm happy to split the cost with you to buy it for your project.

Urban Elementz

The Panto Shop



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